At Canna Boss Dispensary, we are a little bit different than most dispensaries.
Canna Boss is a learning centre for those who are new to cannabis. For those who are experienced with cannabis we provide a warm atmosphere, great customer service, and a standard for quality.

Our dispensary exists with the goal of bringing those who are interested and new to the application of cannabis as medicine and those who are already experts in the field. We realize that there is a constant ever-changing atmosphere in the medical marijuana field, and we strive to stay on top of this ever changing industry and keeping our patients informed at all times.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is in tune with the needs and wants of patients. It is for this reason that we offer our top level quality strains for unbeatable prices 7 days a week. Our variety of Flowers, edibles and extracts are among some of the best and we pride ourself on delivering to the needs of our patients above all else. Canna Boss helps patients with a wide variety of symptoms.

If you experience any of the symptoms below, you may complete our Patient Intake Form to see if medical cannabis is right for you.


● Alzheimer’s Disease
● Anxiety
● Arthritis
● Auto Accident(s)
● Back or Neck pain
● Brain Injury
● Bipolar Disorder
● Cancer
● Chronic Nausea
● Chronic Pain
● Colitis
● Crohn’s Disease
● Depression
● Eating Disorder
● Epilepsy
● Gastrointestinal Problems
● Head Injury
● Irritable Bowl Syndrome
● Kidney failure/ Dialysis
● Migraine
● Multiple Sclerosis
● Muscle Spasms
● Muscle Dystrophy
● Nausea
● OCD Disorder
● Parkinson’s Disease
● Sleep Disorder
● Spinal Cord Injury/ Disease
● Sever Arthritis
● Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
● Fibromyalgia
● Insomnia